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Damascus Steel ?
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Damascus Steel ?

Updated August, 6th, 2002

Damascus Steel ?

"The reason for Damascus steel is that it is beautiful. It requires skill to produce and more than any other material we work with, it is capable of reflecting the knowledge, craftsmanship and sensitivity of the bladesmith. I have been working with it for nearly twenty years and still find myself staying up late and studying a new blade. It is endlessly fascinating how light plays along its surface, even the most subtle actions are captured in the metal. It maintains a history with the fire and hammer, and because it is so responsive, it has an organic quality that transcends a plain polished surface. It is the next level."
Don Fogg

After a look to this beautiful knife, named "Gouttière", one knife among the French Regional Knife Collection made by Henri Viallon for "Le Musée de la Coutellerie de Thiers", discover what is the Damascus Steel and how it is made, follow this link : What is Damascus Steel ?

Bladesmith imagination looks to be without limits, following this link Anthology, you will be amazed by some patterns of Damascus Steel.

If you are interested by historical topics, the Damascus history page will explain how the Damascus Steel Story is combined with the general Metallurgical story.

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