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My experience / My Damascus Steel Knives

Some of my Damascus knives

Updated August, 6th 2002

cable damascus G.E. My first knife with cable damascus, I made it with a tang which is hidden in a box wood handle.
cable damascus G.E. Cable damascus blade, full-tang, with stag antler scales. Super sharp, super toughness
cable damascus G.E. A larger view to show the wood pattern of the previous knife
chain damascus G.E.

A small knife made from some links of a chain

cable damascus G.E. Another small one with a cable damascus blade and a full tang with stag antler scales
Damascus G.E.

Upper knife with 112 layers (XC95/12NC16/XC10) ebony handle

Lower knife 320 layers (XC95/XC50) iron-wood handle

( XC95 is equivalent to 1095 )

Wood grain damascus G.E. The damascus bar has been forged to shape to obtain a wood pattern for the back and parallel pattern near the cutting edge
Random pattern G.E. A random pattern
Wood grain damascus G.E. 112 layers (XC95/12NC16/XC10)
Wood grain damascus G.E. 112 layers (XC95/12NC16/XC10) enlarged view
A small knife with 112 layers
A new cable Damascus blank
The skin of the above blade
The same with an ebony handle
Couteau Anne-Marie A small 112 layers knife
Couteau Nicolas About 200 layers.
Damas GE XC95 and nickel.
Couteau Julien 200 layers, forged blade, rosewood handle.
Damas GE Letter-opener made with cable Damascus.
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