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Last update : May, 24th 2007

Hobbist knifemaker, the Damascus Steel also called Pattern-Welded Steel is my passion. I am pleased to welcome you to share this enthusiam.

Steve Schwarzer

Steve Schwarzer knife with mosaic Damascus blade and bolsters

Visiting this site, you will have the opportunity to better understand what is Damascus Steel, you will find the compilation of Links to the Web resources about damascus Steel, a list of Books I would recommend if you want to have first hand information about the history and the production of Damascus Steel, you will find a description of my Experience.

If you want to have an overview of this site or if you are lost, rendez-vous at the Site Map page.

Twisred Damascus
Norman Damascus
Twisted Damascus
Norman Damascus

If you are interested by Damascus Steel, if you have questions, comments, suggestions or information to share, write me, I will do my best to provide a fast answer.


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