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Sites about Damascus Steel, forge and knives.

Updated May 24th,2007

D. Fogg Jordan J. Hrisoulas

Don Fogg

The most educational site for Damascus Steel and all knifmaking technics.+++

Andrew Jordan

In his work he uses the blade making and forging techniques that he learned in Japan from a 'mukansa' smith and in America from Rob Hudson and Daryl Meier.

Jim Hrisoulas

The site of my oversea teacher

JD Smith Meier   JOM

JD Smith

How to forge beautiful Damascus Steel Blades without all of the heartbreak...

Daryl Meier

Pattern welded steel has been his major interest for the past 25 years

J.D. Verhoeven

The key role of impurities in ancient Damascus steel blades (wootz damascus)

IndeMetallurgical Heritage of India

wootzWootz Steel : advanced material


R. Coon

S. Srinivasan
S. Ranganathan

Metallurgy history in the original Wootz country.


A great source of information for all blacksmiths. Daryl Meier is resident expert at Anvilfire for the more technical questions.

Raymond Coon

" As much as I enjoy making knives, I like to make Damascus even more.... "

Vasily Fursa Damasteel AB Schwarzer

Vasily Fursa

From Ukraine, a violin, damascus and wootz steel fanatic

Damasteel AB

How a Swedisch company make Damascus Steel.

Steve Schwarzer

From a Mosaic Damascus master...

S. Mullin H. Roselli Taylor

Steve Mullin

About Damascus Steel...

Heimo Roselli

A Finnish smith who found his own way to produce wootz type steel

Shane Taylor

A Montana bladesmith who hand-forged damascus knives. His current passion is Mosaic Damascus

Stamascus S Lounyov Ann Feuerbach

Stamascus Knife

Ed VanHoy & Mike Norris Stainless steel damascus production specialists

Serguey Lounyov

A Russian Master explains his"karmic" work to produce Wootz Steel

Ann Feuerbach

The best web resources about Crucible Damascus Steel.




Université de Kiel

A lot of good links to damascus and metallurgical web sites

David Goldberg

A swordmaker and martial artist creating Japanese style weaponry

Real Wrought Iron

From England, the best resource about Wrought Iron

Persson Anvilmag D Thomas

Conny Persson

The best European Mosaic Damasucus Steel


TheVoice of the Farrier and Blacksmith. How to make Damascus by Scott Lankton.

Devin Thomas

Exotic Damascus Master.

Mediaeval Sword S_Sells gallagher

Mediæval Sword

A lecture on pattern-welding... New England Bladesmith's Guild

Steve Sells

"Our Hobby is also a business"

Barry Gallagher

"Forging Damascus steel is an addiction for which I know no cure"

Please let me know if you are aware of other Damascus Steel sites....
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