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French speaking sites about Damascus Steel, forge and knives.

Updated May, 26th 2006

Claude Schosseler

Pierre et Nicole Reverdy

C Penot

Claude Schosseler

An amateur making damascus steel like a pro.

P. et N. Reverdy

The most beautiful Damascus from France. The site of two great artists.

Christian Penot

Creativity, excellence in craftsmanship deployed through beautiful Damascus knives

Laguiole Ramspacher J.P. Gauche


The Coutellerie de Laguiole is the home of Yves Conquet one of the French Damascus Master

G. Ramspacher

Nice Damascus blade gallery from a hobbyst knifemaker

J.P. Gauche

Good pages about Damascus Steel, bladesmithing techniques and leather work.

J P Caramanian La Passion des Couteaux P. Drone
J. P. Caramanian

All the information you need to start making your knives...

Passion des couteaux

The site of one of the best French Knife magazine.

P. Drone

About 700 links to knife related sites.





Daniel Vally

Alta France

A french knife-maker offering nice folders, some with damascus blade and wonderful damascus cigar cutters.


A French Cutler displaying beautiful Laguioles, Vendetta and Yssigneaux with damascus blades

D. Vally

A mandatory visit to one of the best French hunting knife maker.

J.Etienne A vanUuyis François Pitaud

J. Etienne

A great site, a lot of information about Damascus Steel and beautiful knife pictures.

A vanUuyis

Defence of the Damascus blades

F. Pitaud

Nice and strong knives,some have Damascus blade.

Jean Luc Soubeyras Gianni

J. L. Soubeyras

A sword bladesmith who makes his own Damascus Steel.


The Laguiole Knife World with links to French custom knifemakers working damascus steel.


A blacksmith and a sculptor, he also produces nice Damascus knives.

tatou J.Becker M Vaillant

"Le tatou"

An amateur sharing technics and knowledge

J. Becker

The best french site about forge and anvils.

M Vaillant

A good address if you are looking for borax and forge tools.

Si vous connaissez un autre site sur l'acier damas... merci de me communiquer son adresse
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